Audio production

Hit the right note – with the Underpier 27 film production Stuttgart

Audio production is the creation of a musical or sound-based work with the aim of subsequent publication. Examples include advertising jingles, music videos or background music for (image) films. Synchronization and image dubbing are also basic elements of audio production. The recorded basic components, such as vocals and instruments, are processed in a recording studio. Digital audio workstations (DAW) are used, which not only support mixing and mastering based on sound, but also with visual impulses. First of all, the production of a demo tape takes place, which gives a first impression, but was usually recorded in rather poor quality via home recording. This is followed by pre-production, which is intended to provide clarity and with the result of which a project is presented and advertised. This is followed by the actual, professional sound recording, with a specific focus on sound quality. The mixing combines the soundtracks of the instruments and vocals, while the mastering focuses on the final, best possible optimization of the quality and playback options. Finally, a sound carrier is created.

At Underpier 27 you are at the right address when it comes to audio production. Whether image film, commercial, event film or product film – our films are given the finishing touch by our in-house audio production. We support you in realizing your project.

Here you will find some references to audio productions that were implemented together with Underpier 27.