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A commercial or an advertising film describes a film or sound work of a few seconds or minutes in duration, with the aid of which a product, a brand or a service is to be advertised. Commercials are traditionally broadcast on TV, radio and cinema, but also online – for example on social media platforms or sponsored websites. Online, viral spots in particular are enjoying increasing popularity – commercials that are distributed by the users themselves. The general aim is to increase sales figures by increasing trust in the manufacturer or by emphasizing the product’s advantages. First of all, after the first briefing, the person responsible for the commercial representative creates one or more concepts that are presented to the customer. The agents are advertising agencies, media agencies, film productions or freelance concepts. There is usually a pitch with several agencies or production companies applying for the order. Together with directors, an interpretation of the material to be processed is presented, on the basis of which the customer makes a decision. A production company is then officially commissioned and pre-production begins. The concept is deepened in the form of treatment, storyboards and shotlists, but also logistical challenges such as The location and actor organization have to be managed. The filming follows before the sound and image are processed and optimized in the course of post-production and the existing material can be reproduced, sent or uploaded.

Are you looking for a media production that presents your projects creatively? Underpier 27 is the right choice for this! Here you will find a selection of commercials that we produce.