Explanatory film

Watch and learn

Productions are described as explanatory films that depict and present a comprehensive, possibly complicated situation. They can also include instructions on a specific practice or mode of operation. Companies use them to promote products and to explain their structure and potential benefits. No extensive lectures are given, but the most important key data, structures or mechanisms are presented. Of course, there are now also countless privately produced explanatory videos on a wide variety of topics, such as the preparation of meals or household repairs. However, productions commissioned by companies aim to present their product as best and professionally as possible. Various features are used for this. In addition to visual elements such as images, graphics, special effects or drama, sound-based means are also used. A background music, dubbing and sound effects complete an explanatory video. Companies often prefer the form of animation for this type of presentation. An easy-to-understand language, clear forms and simplified representations appeal to a broad mass of potential buyers and are not aimed exclusively at a pre-informed specialist audience. Today, explanatory films are also used to train and train employees.

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