Do you want to capture the most beautiful pictures of your event and use them as advertising for the next event? Underpier 27 supports you!

Event films are productions that capture a specific event with media coverage. Whether company anniversary, open house or trade fair appearance – with an event film you draw attention to yourself. Video and image recordings are often made during an event, which are subsequently combined, professionally revised, synchronized or provided with suitable musical background. The so-called highlight film, also known as recap, can be used both as advertising in the run-up to the next event and as a reminder and incentive to be played at the beginning of the current event. The most widely used distribution media are now social networks and websites. In contrast to the image film or commercial, the event film does not follow a plot. The live recordings make the video appear very authentic. In addition, the production is often rather cheap to implement.

Are you planning the next big company event and are you looking for the perfect advertisement that guarantees many enthusiastic visitors? No problem! With Underpier 27 – your film production in Stuttgart – your company’s event film becomes something very special.