Fellbach near Stuttgart

Idyll between vineyards on the outskirts of Stuttgart – and birthplace of the audio and film production Underpier 27

Fellbach is a city in Baden-Württemberg with 44,000 inhabitants. Peacefully located between Rems and Neckar, the city is best known for its traditional “Fellbacher Herbst” – a wine and Thanksgiving festival. The epithet of the city, “City of Wines and Congresses”, also refers to the vineyards towering around Fellbach, from which you can enjoy a panorama over the Remstal and the directly adjacent Stuttgart. Said congresses take place above all in the “Schwabenlandhalle”, which became known nationwide due to its attractive architecture and excellent gastronomy. Fellbach belongs to the Stuttgart Metropolitan Region and is the second largest and one of the most beautiful cities in the Rems-Murr district.

And now that we’ve bragged a lot about Fellbach: It is the birthplace of Underpier 27 – your film production in Stuttgart.