Film production

The creation of a total work of art

Film production refers to the creation of cinema, television or advertising films. Various processes are carried out for this. After the creation of a vision, the basis for the shoot must be created. At this point, there are mainly administrative tasks, such as obtaining licenses and rights and drawing up a financing plan, as well as a calculation. On the creative side, it is important to design a script that provides a suitable basis for the work in the following phases. In the course of project development, pre-production occurs. Castings and locations are organized, the preparations take on more concrete forms. A lot also happens from a conceptual and design point of view, because a storyboard and a shotlist as well as a lighting concept are developed and the first music drafts are composed. The subsequent filming forms the heart of the production. During the penultimate phase, post-production, the final product is finally created after often months of pre-production – the cut begins. Sound and image are coordinated and the entire work is rounded off. The final stage of film production is the exploitation, i.e. the publication of the material via various channels and media. Depending on the effort involved, such production can take a few days or weeks, but also several years. Many people work together on the set of a film. These include artists such as actors, makeup artists, costume tailors, but also many technicians for image, sound, light, etc. The director is responsible for this creative area. In order to secure organizational and financial concerns, reception and production managers also work together with their teams, which in turn report to the producer.

Underpier 27 is an audio and film production company in Stuttgart that has set itself the task of inspiring people with its own audio and film productions. Together we will also realize your film project. Here are some examples of advertising, image and music videos produced by Underpier 27 so far.