Give your project feeling and uniqueness

Music plays an important role in the world of film production. Whether in the background or during the credits, whether striking or reserved, we are often hardly aware of the effect of the music on us viewers. It influences us immensely: Tempo, rhythm, choice of instruments and volume are just a few elements that change our mood in compositions, evoke emotions and awaken premonitions. The basis is an interplay of image and sound. For example, composers originally assigned musical characters to certain characters, which sounded whenever this person appeared or became relevant to the plot. Today, musical elements in film are mainly used for background and clarification. An example of this would be underscoring. Melodies or individual tones are used to underline movements mostly in a humorous way. Mood technology is used more frequently. Here scenes are deposited with music, which is supposed to reinforce a certain mood.

Do you also want to give your project a feeling? With Underpier 27 audio and film production, you arouse emotions – promise. Here are some examples.