Present yourself and your company – with Underpier 27!

A portrait describes the most authentic representation of a person, institution or group. Classically, this was done with a brush and paint, today modern forms, especially film portraits, are also very popular. In this context, this no longer means a static image, but often the visualization of life in a biography. Particular attention is paid to emphasizing the character of a person or a company. In addition to life data and facts, personal motivations, strengths, fears and dreams are also taken up. The people depicted are mostly people who have become known or intend to do so. In some cases, misunderstandings are also to be cleared up and understanding for apparently misunderstood personalities is to be awakened. Company portraits particularly emphasize the advantages of the respective company. The history is presented, possibly combined with a tour of the buildings, the company philosophy is illustrated and accompanied by film. The company’s products are also presented and their advantages emphasized.

Would you like to show what you are made of with a portrait of your company? Here you will find a selection of portraits that we, Underpier 27 film production Stuttgart, have already developed together with our customers.