Sound design

Underpier 27 is your expert for sound design und film production in Stuttgart

The term sound design means working with sounds for certain projects. In this case, sound is everything that is considered the audio component of a film work. In addition to voices and film music, these include sound effects. This form of design is not only used in film production. Radio plays, radio, TV stations and video games also depend on good sound design. In the film in particular, you work with sounds specially recorded for production as well as with existing elements. The goal is to give the viewer the feeling of being part of the scenery. In addition to the heard voices of the performers, this effect favors above all background noises and effect sounds, such as the bang, matching the shot of a pistol or the murmur of a conversing crowd. The mood of the viewer is also significantly influenced by sound design. By adjusting the speed, the volume and the selection of the instruments, one perceives a displayed situation in interaction with visual elements as threatening, relaxing or exciting.

With Underpier 27 you will find the right partner for sound design. Whether image film, explanatory film, event or product film – we also support you sound-based in realizing your project.

Here you will find some references to audio productions that were implemented together with Underpier 27.