#MBvideocar – S-Klasse – Primal Trust


Mercedes-Benz – The brand with the star needs no introduction. Every child knows it, each and everyone has driven in a Benz and all know: Mercedes-Benz is best. More precisely: the best or nothing. But that’s not all, because Mercedes-Benz, like us, comes from “der Mutterstadt, der Motorstadt am Neckar“. Skr skr.


Getting into an S-Class triggers in us a pleasant feeling, relaxation and security. If you can have primal trust in a car, it’s the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. In a parallel montage between past and present, we take the viewer on a journey back to their own childhood. So buckle up, sit back and enjoy.


Isn’t it desirable to feel relaxed and protected in every moment? It is, it is…



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