Recruiting – Polizei Hessen

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The Police Hessen consists of almost 18,000 officers and is therefore one of the largest police authorities in Germany.


To ensure that it stays that way, extensive recruiting is crucial for the Police Hessen.


It was our challenge to present the three branches of police: the protection, the criminal and the riot in a very approachable, private and authentic way. The idea of the concept was not a presentation of their daily work in a heroic way but rather focus on their personal hobbies. In order to pursue their hobbies, they naturally need certain skills and talents that they also need in their daily work routines. It all falls in place when we see the three main actors in their police uniform.


Yo by the way, next up is a fresh police rap. Okay, that’s right – you don’t joke about these things ☺︎ Peace out!



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